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Plastic or Wire crates?

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Just curious on others' experiences using crates at night. I'm now 0 for 3 using a plastic crate, in the house at least. Nikon, Ana, and now Pan all would shriek and howling and gnaw at the door of the crate ALL night long in my plastic kennel. Each one I switched to a wire crate and then voila! sleep w/o fussing. The plastic kennel is not too small, but I guess there is just something about it seems more like jail? Or maybe it's b/c I set the crate on the floor so in the wire crate they can see me in the bed?
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We switched our boy from a plastic 36" ot a wire 42" at 16 weeks old and he now sleeps like a rock.

We actually did because he had a penchant for running his paws up and down the sides of the plastic keeping us up and also because he was squishing his ears against the sides of the plastic crate (ears up!).

Best thing we ever did. He stretches fully out and is a perfect fit and no potty issues. We place a blanket over part of it for him and then leave bottem edges all open for air to move in and out since cool air sticks near floor.
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