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Pinning other dog

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Reich spends alot of time playing with my mom's GSD, Wolfgang, who is slightly younger and smaller than her.

He's the only dog she is comfortable around and will play with. They absolutely adore eachother.

Me and my boys have been down there alot this week, and something new popped up.

The first time was when we stayed over at mom's on monday. The kids were all set up camping out on the livingroom floor watching a movie, and as always, Reich was laying next to them.

Mom let Wolf in (he is a high drive and VERY spunky pup with the propensity for jumping on people). As soon as he got to the edge of the big comforter the boys were laying on, she got up, grabbed his neck and took him down. She didn't hurt him, just held him down by the neck, on his back, and wouldn't let him get up.

Yesterday my mom watched the kids and Reich while hubby and I did some work. When I went to get them, Wolf brought me his tuggy to play as usual. I grabbed an end and held on while he went to town pulling.
Reich came right over, ears up and alert, grabbed his neck and took him down. She kept doing it everytime he tried to tug with me, and she didn't want the tug.

Mom told me the dog did the same thing all day when she or any of the kids would tug with him.

I'm just curious about your thoughts on this. Is it her being dominant with him, or 'setting him straight' as she sees his tugging a play for dominance with those he's tugging with?

As a side note...Reich would never tug. It took me until recently to get a good game going with her, and she still refuses to with hubby.
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IMO, and I dont know a bunch, I think that is the way they establish pack order. Rocky and Apollo will do it from time to time, and I think it is Rocky teaching Apollo proper doggie behavior. I think it is something that people with mutliple dogs go through.

Rocky never hold Apollo for extended periods of time, it is more or less, pin him, hold him till he stops struggling and lets him back up. DH and I always supervise and make sure Rocky doesnt hurt Apollo.

Will be interesting to see what others think.
If I were playing with him and giving attention to him I wouldn't allow Reich to interrupt and stop the game that I decided to play.
Originally Posted By: GSD07If I were playing with him and giving attention to him I wouldn't allow Reich to interrupt and stop the game that I decided to play.
Oh I agree. It took me by suprise as she is usually the one letting him bounce all over her.

I suppose with all the time they spend together she figures it's time to establish who the 'top dog' of them is.
After the 3rd time of her deciding he couldn't tug with me she was put in a sit/stay. I wasn't really in the mood to play, but I didn't think it was a good idea to let her think she ended the game.

Mom is my designated doggy-sitter, getting her to not let Reich get away with everything will be the real task.
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He's a spunky pup, you say. Id guess she probably sees a challenge building and has chosen to, as he moves to another stage, see that he maintains his place as second in line.

Reminds me of my friend introducing a new young gelding to her barn. The other horses immediately began "picking on" him -- (Doing no harm just asserting their position). As he matured she said she had never seen such a dominate horse as this gelding. He never needed to bite or kick - all he needed to do was look at the other horses.
This is interesting. We have a GSD and a chihuahua, they get along great! However, if I am on the floor with Pete (our shepherd) and giving him attention, if Paco comes by and pesters me for attention, Pete will pin him down with his paws until he goes away. I also notice this behavior if I have them outside at different times. As soon as Paco gets in the door, Pete will pin him again but only for a moment as if to say "know your role." They are so funny and it is so fascinating to witness the safe parts of their instinct that have survived domestication. Anyhow, I wouldn't worry about it unless there is a fear of harm being done.
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