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I need a pill to stop the undercoat from producing as fast as it does!!!

Nadia has such a fine undercoat, and I believe that it is a double undercoat to boot. It is non stop and so fine that it is lighter than air...well as light as air itself. And it is a reproductive fine undercoat that provides year round fluffies floating around my house and yard.

So if no one is working on a hormone or something that will stop the extra thick continuous undercoat from reproducing, that is what I intend to do in my next life. I would do it in this life, but I am too busy raking & brushing this dog full o hair!! LOL

On a more serious note: For those of you who remember a few months ago when I took the clippers to her....she is fine and her fluffy britches are growing back just a bit slower than the undercoat
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