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Argos is 15 weeks he was fed RAW by the breeder when we got him but had to switch him to kibble food because we have family members who are immune compromised. Our issue is he is extremely picky he has not lost weight yet but I worry about it everyday as sometimes he will eat all his food and other days he wont touch it :( he drink plenty of water though and has no problem with that.

About my dog

Argos is a WGSL X WL male
15 weeks old
40 pounds

This is his current food and times/ amount

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy with a 1/4 Freshpet Vital Roll
He gets 1 cup 3 times a day

I have also tried the following

Orijen he hates it I think because the kibble is too big for him
BB or Orijen with Green Beef Tripe added he ate this for a while then got bored.
lastly we tried him on dehydrated raw food NRG salmon he refused to eat that as well.

Any suggestions my goal would be to get him on a kibble food that he likes and will consistently eat without having to add wet food.
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