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Picky Picky Picky!

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So I bought a bunch of stuff at Petco today. While I was there I picked up a small bag of rawhides for the little ones which are like 1in wide and 2 1/2-3in long. Chance on the other hand, got a 10in long, 5in around rawhide wrap. I go to give each of the dogs a rawhide and when I try to give Chance his, he doesn't want it. He wants what the little dogs have! I'm like Chance! You could swollow that whole! And he just looks up at me with eyes that say "But mom! They got something different!!".

He's so silly...Anyone else got little dogs too? Chance seems to think he's one of them. He's the biggest of the house (By a long shot and still aint full grown. Lol!) but still thinks he's a little 5lb Chihuahua.

He's finally given up on getting one of the rawhides from the little dogs and has gone to chew on his. Though if I let him, Jocko (Chihuahua) would have gladly traded his little one for the one the length of his body. Smart pup!
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It never fails. As soon as Stella gets something CJ wants the same thing. Bones, toys, sleep mat, etc. I thought I would trick him and give his to Stella but noooooo. He switched so many times I forgot who was getting what and gave up. Thank goodness Stella is so calm or CJ might be missing some fur for the stealing.
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