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physical therapy for leg issue

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With everyone posting about injuries and healing, I thought I would pass on my first experience with a physical therapist for Kali's rear leg problem. So you don't need to go look through the threads- slight favoring rear left leg, thought it was CCL, but drawer tests negative, xrays showed lovely hips, no arthritis. But then.. what is wrong? My friend who does agility with her rottie recommended a local canine physical therapist. I was a bit.... cautious? not sure what the deal would be. But am I glad I went! There was alot of handling and Kali was a bit concerned, but we had lots of treats and she did great. The really fantasitc thing is that we actually got a potential diagnosis and a plan! Basically he went all over her massaging her hind legs, her spine, etc. And he hit one spot and she flinched. So we put her there again, another flinch, and then a third time,,, flinch. It is her hip flexor.. which makes sense with the way she is holding her leg! He did cold laser therapy on the muscle (which she seemed to actually enjoy) and we are to ice the area 2-3 times and day, a little massage and he showed me a stretch for the muscle.
It is such a relief to actually have a plan to get her back on track!
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That's great news!
Hmmm physical therapy is required in this scenario it will solve the problem will take some time and this treatment is expensive too but results are very good....
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