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Phoenix is an unfixed female born 11-24-01 who also is registered and is hip certified. Chris said her husband said he got her at 3 years old and she was a police dog in Fla. She does not know about the police dog part.

Again as with the others she was very good as far as any touching, pulling or tugging. She took treats nicely and again I laid one on the ground and went to get it. She waited until I gave it to her. She also needs a bath and brushing. She knows the sit command. She also pulls on the leash when first let out of the kennel. Once she sniffed and I do mean sniffed the yard she settled right down, Again no real interaction with children. Also before I forget there is no interaction with any small animals. A feral cat would sometimes make it way into the barn and antagonize them and Chris said they wanted the cat. When Chris brought her out of the kennel Stormy reacted as I said before but until the reaction from Stormy Phoenix was okay. Maybe it is just the unaltered female thing.

As you can see the 2 females look alike
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