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The first piece of advice I would give is: Find a Chinese Traditional Medicine vet. My vet started my last GSD, when he was 12, on antibiotics each time he got a draining tract.. they kept coming back, even with Cyclosporin.
Most vets would have said "Well... he's 12.........." and let it hang that maybe it was time to euthanize for this chronic condition.

Not my vet. She asked if I would please allow her to try an herbal mixture that is often successful with PF. I said that we'd tried everything else, and every other month we had another draining tract to treat with antibiotics, so.. sure, go ahead. I doubted it would help.

Chell never had another draining tract again. He was put to sleep at a very healthy, PF-free age of 15.5 from pneumonia following a surgery on his elbow (old injury caused problems).

I don't know if these herbs will help your dog or not. I can only say it banished the problem for Chell-- but he did need to take them in his food daily for the rest of his life.

One herbal mix was for arthritis, the other for the PF.. I forget which is which now.. sorry! One was Long Dan Xi Gan Tan, and the other was Xiao Chai Hu Tan.

The herbs look like ground cinnamon, and don't have much smell.. it went in a glop of canned food, twice daily. You could easily put it in ground turkey raw, or something. Not in yogurt, mabe in choped up raw liver or kidney to hide the herb-y smell.
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