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Hello Everyone

I thought that I would keep you all up to date on any new or expanding developments in the UK concerning the dog / pet market and any connections this may have on the caring sector.

When our elderly find it necessary to move in to a care home, either assisted living accommodation with nursing care at hand or without the expenses are huge not to mention the upheaval and mental strain put upon the individual in question.

If you also add into the mix the situation where the person has a pet (sometimes their only form of companionship) it becomes even more traumatic if she / he faces the daunting proposition of being separated from that pet. Consequently, in the UK there is an organisation that works very hard to solve this problem called the Cinnamon Trust and we are currently working alongside them in promoting this issue heavily over the next three years via our not-for-profit website on which we list the current UK Pet Friendly Care Homes Pet friendly care home

Is there a similar situation in USA?

We would be very grateful if any of your forum members would be able to publicize our free campaign by either mentioning this on their blog or website. The subject manner is always very popular to discuss because it combines a whole host of issues within, such as age concern, pets / dogs, companion animals and the elderly.

Many of the UK health sector websites overlook this topic as they are unaware of the problem. It is only just now coming to light as it has been recently brought up in the House Of Lords in order to initiate a more positive government change of policy towards this subject matter.

It would be great to hear from any of the forums members as to their opinion on this and whether or not they may be able to assist us with our awareness campaign.

Look forward to some positive feedback here or you can contact me via email Contact Us and / or Twitter ([email protected]) - Thanks everyone Julia x
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