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As some of you may remember...there was a Max and Dutchess...who were in this facility for over a year (or so it seemed)....and finally adopted out...

I'm wondering if this is the SAME Dutchess?

(sorry...I couldn't find the old thread on Dutchess to compare age)


My name is DUTCHESS.

I am a spayed female, brown and black Purebred German Shepherd Dog.

The shelter thinks I am about 8 years old.

I have been at the shelter since May 30, 2008.

This information is less than 1 hour old.

For more information about this animal, call:
_Montgomery County SPCA - Perkiomenville Facility_
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Just got's her!
can someone try to find her old thread? I had no luck...........
I can't find the old thread here, but here is all of their original information:

PA - Perkiomenville SPCA - Max and Dutchess
The Perkiomenville SPCA is completely full. This is the second time here for Max and Dutchess. Both Purebred German Shepherds , Max like protecting his sister. He is a very friendly dog. They cant understand why they are back at the shelter. They are both very sad.Max is 6 years old and is a neutered extra large male and Dutchess is 3 years spayed female , normal sized German Shep. They are both healthly. They really need a home fast..They love each other. Max seems to get a little mouthy at other dogs however he's only trying to proctect his little sister. Please call the Perkiomenville SPCa at 1-610-754-7822 ..PLEASE these guys are URGENT...URGENT!!!

The shelter volunteer said that Max will bark at people but is not agressive towards them at all. HELP!
Their history is perhaps the most heartbreaking: Dutchess was adopted from their Abington facility, brought back, re-homed for 4 yrs and brought back (reason unknown). Max was adopted from the same facility, by a couple who also adopted Dutchess. Both were returned 3-4 years later when the couple divorced. They were moved to the Perkiomenville facility, to enable them to stay together. The shelter stongly wanted to place them together, due to their history and finally allowed them to be adopted together, by someone who owned his own constuction business, not necessarily to be guard dogs, but to go to sites with him, etc. This person visited the pair regularly at the shelter, seemed very invested and although there were some red flags, there was also pressure 'from above' that these dogs were not moving and had been at the facility quite some time. The shelter put strong constraints on this adopter, checked several times, only to find that he was not in compliance with them, allowing the dogs to remain in the home, unattended, for long periods of time. I assume this is where the housebreaking issue entered the picture. As humans do, this person evaded the monitoring by the Perkiomenville facility by retuning him to the Conshohocken facility (so clever, huh?) By the grace of God, the manager of the Perkiomenville facility was there while they were being returned and took them back, which is why their date listed on the site is October 21-although they have been there much longer!

Contact info for them, and the two most commited to their well-being is:

WEEKDAYS: Christopher Langiotti - 8:30-9 is best, but call anytime until 5pm., Weds. after 1 pm. 610-754-7822

WEEKENDS: 'Phil' (who I talked to)- 610-754-7822 or 484-792-1572 - personal cell
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I found her petfinder

Dutchess is a beautiful adult female German Shepherd who is in need of a home. She's very friendly and gets along well with children and also with other dogs. Dutchess needs to go to a home without cats. Come visit Dutchess in the shelter and see what a gorgeous dog she is in person.
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WOW those two have been through so much and as true to the breed will probably offer loyalty and affection to whoever adopts/fosters them. I wish for the best.
did Max get returned too?
I can't tell from the pics if it's the same dog. But the info. you received, Mary Ann, says that this Duchess is 8. Their original information said Duchess was 3. That's a pretty big difference in age. Did the shelter confirm it's the same girl?
I haven't talked to the shelter...but a member of SE PA GSD rescue pm'd me and said it's the same dog. These dogs have been on their radar as I trust their imput.

Max was adopted out separately...and I haven't heard of him being returned..
My info also was the same......I've been trying to find out why Dutchess was returned. The part about no cats is new....maybe that's the reason. I'll post if I find out.
oh these poor dogs.......
I looked over and over at the pics comparing the two and I tend to think they are the same dog, its just that they are taken at different angles with different lighting and a different expression on her face.
Poor girl. What horrible, horrible luck she's had this past year.
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Yes it's her. I just talked to our volunteer that monitors that shelter. He said the reason for the return is that Dutchess is a very dominant female. She did not get along with the new family's dog (don't know if it was a male or female) and they couldn't make it work.
Seems like she needs to be an only dog.
I wonder how old she really is, and maybe if they typed "8" instead of "3" because of sloppy handwriting or something.
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