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Periods of life of a German Shepherd Dog

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Just four weeks back, on March 11, 2008, I brought home my first GSD puppy EVER.

I really do LOVE Gina (now ten weeks young) and would be grateful to those more experienced board members who could tell me something about the different periods of life of our beloved dogs.

I mean how long is a puppy a puppy, when does he become a teen-
ager, and when do we call him an adult?

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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Firstly, congrats on Gina!

I would say after they've gone through teething and are looking more like a miniture grown GSD is when the puppy phase leaves, and the soon to be adolescent phase enters in. The adolescent (teenage) phase IMO is the worst! They are a bit pushy, and as they mature they will try and see how far they can push their boundries with you and all who live in the house. Their behavior may change and they may pick up some interesting habits. This is a time where your leadership must be on point! By about 2 this phase should be over, and at that point i'd say its safe to call them an adult.

Im no expert, but as far as my dogs go, this is pretty much how it went. lol
My Gunner is a year old and still very much a puppy.
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