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So I had to share this only because I am SURE it is a fluke and only because she had her shots last night... lol

Mid-morning I heard my little 8 week old Chloe stirring in her crate. (I'm working from home today). So I go over and lift the sheet, put on my jacket (it's negative 20 windchill here, brr!), open her crate door, put on her leash and take her out to potty. She sat PATIENTLY the ENTIRE time!! No whining, no jumping, no nothing! Just a pretty pup! This is a first! Usually I have to give her the "Quiet" command 3 or 4 times because she is SO excited. But not today - perfectly quiet, sitting pretty! So I take her out and tell her to "potty" and she does, then I ask if she has to "poop" and she runs over to the area she goes in and does it! We come back in, she gets a treat for being good (and no nipping my and she hops RIGHT back into her crate and sits patiently for her 'bedtime' treat!

I realize there is no way this behavior will keep up with an 8 week old, but I wish I could capture this moment and replay it every single time I let her out... LOL... We've been working with her on this for 2 weeks and I'm feeling like perhaps some of it is "sticking" now. I'm so happy!

My moment of sheer bliss... brought to you all because I simply cannot contain myself... :wub:
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