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People are such JERKS

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So I was walking Ozzy. Big deal. Whoo.

There's this guy in our neighborhood with a Weimereiner (sp?) and I already know he's a jerk. One time Aiden got out (Mom let him out on accident, oops), and he FLIPPED out. Saying we need to control our ******* dogs and it's people like us that shouldn't own dogs, blah blah blah.

I was going to play fetch with Ozzy, but he was there. So instead, I walked through and headed home. He said, "Great, a dressed up ankle biter." (Ozzy was in his jacket - it was cold out, I wish I took my jacket).

I'm fed up with people calling him an ankle biter. I walked up to him and said, "Excuse me? My 'ankle biter' is actually a POMERANIAN, and a well behaved one at that! So you can shut the h*** up and mind your own d*** business!" During this time, Ozzy sat right next to me, and his dog sat there waiting for him to throw the frisbee.

Then I walked away and he stood there dumbfounded. I think the way I'm dressed helped in my favor. Haha.

Not the best approach, but I'm sick of just 'ignoring' people who think they're better than everyone else. Kick in happy pills, kick in happy pills, kick in happy pills.....
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I normally am. I usually either ignore them or say something back that's unoffensive, but I went off of my medicine about two months ago because I felt it wasn't doing anything, but after a little while, I realized that it WAS doing something, so now I'm working my way back up to my normal dosage.
OMG they have medication that makes the world more tolerable?? Where have I been? :eek:
But seriously, Rerun is right... I too learned the hard way to just play nice with the rest of the world when not behind a keyboard ;) It was fun when I could mis-spend my youth pierceing my face and cladding scantily, then scurry home to my parents' house and have my dad and dogs there which were a force to be reckoned with... but for a while I was on my own quickly learned to shut my mouth, put some clothes on and just smile when "spoken to". :)
I occasionally still let my driving finger slip for old time's sake and find myself followed to the grocery store parking lot... luckily there are many other grocery stores in our neighborhood :eek: However, for the sake of my dogs, house, car (and my bf is getting tired of finishing fights I start), I try to be on my best behavior.
You can be strong minded without putting yourself in harm's way. I not that much older than the rest of you (26) but I agree with Rerun.

Too many people these days can't control themselves and will kill people over the stupidest thing.

To me, a strong minded WOMAN is one who knows when to keep their mouth shut and when to pick their battles. Arguing with an ignorant stranger gets you nowhere fast and potentially somewhere bad faster. And it has nothing to do with how old or young you are.
I will never arm myself with a knife or mase because I will never have enough time in my day to win every pissing contest with every idiot I meet.
Just because one doesn't fight, doesn't mean the fight is lost.
Think of it as letting your GSD win a fight with a small dog. Did it really win the fight or is it just going to get euthanized at the end of the day?
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