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Pedigree Question

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I've noticed a few times that when I've gone to the pedigree database and entered a dog it shows no results. This has been true of dogs that show a pedigree on the owners site.

Does this mean that these guys don't have a registered pedigree? Or maybe a falsified pedigree?

Would this be a red flag for someone looking for abreeder?



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The pedigree database is mostly geared towards the European lines of dogs- German showlines and European working lines. Not very many recent American showline dogs are on there. So no, it's not an immediate red flag. Also, the entries aren't automatic, people must input them. Occasionally there are inaccuracies but it's overall a very good resource. The GSD Pedigree Database is NOT an official registry. Dogs registered through the SV or AKC do not go online there automatically. In other words, it is not like a searchable AKC database. Most of the more common lines are pretty well filled out, some dogs are missing info, some have incorrect info.
To my knowledge, the owner, breeder, or someone has to actually put the dog into the Pedigree Database. If the breeder is not computer savvy or not familiar with the Database, then they may never enter their dogs into it.

I know our breeder didn't do much with computers, and I had to go in and not only enter my dog, but the Sire and Dam as well. I had certified pedigrees from the AKC, so the pedigrees weren't falsified, but the info is not automatically entered at the Pedigree Database.
Thank you guys... I did not know that. Very informative. I guess I thought it was an automatic thing. So a dog not showing there is not necessarily a bad thing...


You are right. Even pet GSD can be entered if the owner puts them on the Data Base. I got lucky & found my rescues pedigree & entered her 6 Generations myself : DaKota's Pedigree

It is free & if you do do this? Start entering the last of the pedigree
first & work you way to your GSD.
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Originally Posted By: DianaM Occasionally there are inaccuracies.....
Oh, you mean like THIS .

Quite the trick given the ages and colors of the dogs involved. Looks like a definate case of someone with too much time on their hands.
Last time I checked, the offspring can NOT be OLDER than the parents.
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