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Peaceful coexistance?!?

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So, we picked up the foster a week ago, we've gotten over most of the less desirable behaviors, and the dogs are getting along great 95 percent of the time. However, they will not settle down together in the house - both are great when one is crated (Onyx was limping for a couple of days, so we were playing musical dogs) they even snuggle up to each other through the crate. Onyx is always tethered to me, but it's game on as soon as they're in the same room. So, I was wondering how all of you with multiple dogs let them know that wrestling in the house is not okay? We would seriously consider keeping Onyx if we can just get them to settle in the house, but that kind of seems like a long way off.
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I think it's still new to them. Tire them out good before bringing them back inside? I had a foster that played and played. 70 lb GSD and 70 lb dobie raring thru the house. I would put them in a sit, or down, near me. They would settle eventually. :)
I have to keep my 8 mo. GSD separated from my 3 yo mixed breed rescue dog. They both weigh over 80#s and I also have 4 cats. I can have them in the same room with 1 tethered to me and the other on a down across the room. All heck breaks loose if I just let it.
I have 3 dogs. It was really cute at first when we brought the pup home and she would play with my female. Then it got more intense and she was getting bigger. I really just started breaking the girls up and giving the pup toys while telling them "shhh" "quiet in the house". They still will play but if I see them getting crazy I step in. My pup is 9 months now and she's mellowing out or at least learning the rules (some what).
Haha - just when I thought it would never happen, they're both lying on the kitchen floor! One small I'm stuck in my chair. Nobody move!!
How to let them know wrestling in the house is not ok? My "Ah-ah-ah!" voice. :)
My 2 boys were constantly playing in the beginning, the rough housing inside drove me insane :crazy:. I tire them out when they are outside, they chase each other and they chase sticks. I make sure they are exhausted before bringing them inside. They are calmer and less active in the house although they do wrestle with the kitten all night long, because the kitten is on crack :wild:
my three know to be calm in the house as soon as my two younger ones start to wrestle and it gets out of hand I step in put them both in a down stay on opposite sides of the room to let them calm down then I kick them both outside to play. They both now know that inside is calm quiet time and outside is play time.
When I had two, they would occasionally wrestle in the house because, well, let's face it, it's FUN to play with another dog and it's not so fun spending a lot of time in the house with nothing to do while your humans are cleaning, making dinner, etc.

Best solution I've found is to tire dogs out outside before coming in, especially if you're going to be in for an extended time, and training a command to send them to their dog beds / pillows / blankets wherever you can teach them to go lay down and settle for a while.

If that fails, you can always separate them with baby gates or kennel / crate one while leaving one loose and rotate.
Hang in there!
Thanks! Every once in a while I get a glimpse of settled dogs, and then there's a sound and they're off again, but it gives me hope! It's not like I'm surprised that 11 and 18 month old, high energy, working line puppies are insanely busy! We're having a blast with him though, he is SUCH a sweetie, and actually he is the less intense of the two.

Thanks for all the advice everyone! We're getting some improvement - slow but steady.

Fortunately (?) I've come down with a nasty chest cold, and with dr ordered time off and previously taken vacation I only have to work 3 shifts until the last week in November! Lots of time to get them settled down.
I feel ya! I added a 11mon old super hyper Black GSD to my 3 mellow dog pack last year. Instantly they didn't mesh. The new pup (Sasha) had no indoor manners or dog manners. She constantly invaded the other dogs space, she would literally climb on top of them as they were growling at her. It took her about 9mon to get it, and we had some major dog fights over my attention or a toy . She ripped my other GSD eye open she got 4 stitches, then she attacked the goldie she had 3 stitches. (sigh)
I tethered her sometimes but she was so hyper it was very stressful. A trainer told me to pull all toys out of the house and that really helped. Now I am just working on their outside play that is still intense. I do crate 2 of the younger ones nightly and I have a 400 sq ft room ,that is gated, for them to play in when I need a break or cleaning times. It is peaceful 80% of the time and I just keep working with them all to establish me as pack leader. They are no longer allowed to play in the house, they have a dog door and as soon as they start wrestling I snap my fingers and say Outside. they either go outside or they lay down quietly. it works well for us.
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