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Patty - Before and After (1 year after I resucued)

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She is stunning!! She also looks very happy and very loved!! I love the picture of her catching the tennis ball, that is a great shot!
Gorgeous, she is obviously loved!
she looks awesome!!!! She's definitely got the good life now!
She looks AWESOME Martin! Her expression and body language says it all. She looks happy and confident, and has an new sparkle in her eyes.

She also looks trimmer, fitter, and healthier than in those before shots.


Another great rescue success story! She looks so much the better being with you.
Re: Patty - Before and After (1 year after I resuc

Gorgeous girl,
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Re: Patty - Before and After (1 year after I resuc

Patty looks great! Shows you what a family and a forever home will do!
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