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Which I lack, but have learned to put on a poker face. So, I stacked boys again today. Apollo was amazing, I think his stacking could be a bit better, but that's me being picky, and probably right.
So, he let me place his feet, he stayed (Shocking!) and focused on the hotdog while my Mom took some pics which will be posted later today.

My sweet little 4 month old Zeusy on the other hand... Was the complete opposite and showed me how much work we really have to do to get a nice stack. He eventually stayed for 5 to 10 seconds, but by two or three photos he moved! I know he's still a pup and has a short attention span, but it's SO hard not to lose my patience. I just keeping thinking "He's still a pup, Apollo is three months older.."

Anybody else succeeding/Failing stacking their pup?
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