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The Shelter Medicine Program at UC Davis has helpful information on Parvo online:
Information Sheet - Canine Parvovirus

and on cleaning/disinfection procedures:
Information Sheet - Cleaning and Disinfecting in Shelters

It's crucial to disinfect floors but *also* all objects that come into contact with floors, people handling puppies, and puppies: Shoes should not be used in both rooms, wash and disinfect hands, either wash clothes with bleach or wear separate clothes that have not been in contact with sick puppy. This is why hospitals use scrubs and disposable covers on shoes. New dishes and toys, but you probably have that covered already.

Does the pound that takes them in disinfect? Follow basic hygiene protocols? If not, the puppies might already be exposed by the time you get them, and all you can do is keep the viral load as far down as possible.

Years ago I lost a foster cat to Feline Panleuk, cat distemper contracted at the shelter, and had to go through disinfection. The Panleuk and the Parvo virus are related, with Panleuk even more persistent in the environment. We have all floors in tile and wood except the stairs are carpeted and could not be disinfected. We had certainly tracked some virus from the room the kitty was in to the carpeted stairs. And the poor kitty had been in the BRs with doors. Vet advice in that case was to not get another cat for another six months, better a year. I eventually adopted one that had had two rounds of shots against Panleuk before I brought her home. Since you have a separate room where the sick pup hadn't been in, your space might work better than mine.

Thank you, Melly, for saving momma and her puppies' lives. I am so sorry one of the previous puppies died. You must have taken care of them really well that one survived. We are rooting for you and the next little family. Please keep us posted.
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