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I just received this email and know nothing about this dog. Please contact Sue at 973-334-4858 for any information.

I have a just 3 yr old German Shepard, neutered male needing a home.My
daughter lost the lease on her half of a 2 family house and has had to
move into an apartment that won't take dogs. Lobo is now living alone in
my mother's garage. He is very handsome and extremely smart. He responds
to voice commands. He is great with children and small animals. Perhaps
you could just pass along his picture to anyone you think might be
interested. He is in Parsippany, so not far from you. If you can
recommend someone for me to call that would be great. If you would like
to pass on my # it is 973-334-4858. Thank you. Sue

This is Lobo's picture that was attached to the email

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