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Re: Parents are taking up for their biting Pom-HEL

I had a similar situation, where my parents were watching a relative's un-neutered 7 year old Yorkie for a couple months. That dog was SO nasty! My parents just lived around it, not doing much when he marked the furniture, or growled/nipped from my mom's lap when someone else would approach her, or jumped up on the table...stuff they would NOT tolerate from their border collie.

I came over for a visit, ignored the yapping rat at my feet and sat on the couch. This dog had the nerve to nip me as I was sitting down. I sharply scolded it, and he ran to my mom's lap for safety. I figured he learned not to bother me, so I dropped the issue.

A little later, I got up and walked past my mom's chair, and the little beast actually growled and reached out to try and take a bite out of me! In an instant, I snatched that thing by the scruff and had him pinned on his back on my mom's lap. It was so fast, everyone thought I'd struck the dog, but I let them see I only had his scruff and didn't hurt him.

I swear that dog must have seen the light, because ever since that moment, he stopped ALL biting at the door, growling/nipping people from laps, peeing in the house -- everything (Especially when I came to visit). It shocked my parents to see the rough handling, but once they saw the change in the dog, they seemed very relieved that someone had finally done something about it, and were more comfortable being very firm with him.

Too bad you can't do the same for that little turd.

(BTW, Poms are my favorite lap-dog breed, so I'm not being size-ist with the "little X" remarks
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