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Re: Parents are taking up for their biting Pom-HEL

It sounds to me like THEY need to work with and train the dog. If you're doing it and the rest of the time they allow the dog to do what it wants then it'll not change.

There was an episode of "It's Me Or The Dog" where the people wouldn't be consistent with discpline - the gal took them to the shelter and said "this is where your dog *is* going to end up if *you* don't change". They left - and changed.

Maybe send some Cesar Milan videos. Love him or hate him he does get to the heart of dog behavior...and has dealt with little monsters. Copy off what happens when a legal bite happens - the dog is impounded/quarantined (different states vary)...*this* is what *will* happen if he does to someone else what he did to your son. It's not funny, it's not a joke and it's not something to ignore.
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