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I tried giving my dogs raw meaty bones before, and they promptly got parasites. I noticed them itching and scooting a lot right after they had the raw meat. Ever since then, I gave up on feeding them raw, even though I really do believe in the concept. (I am mostly raw vegan myself so I'm a big believer in the raw diet, but of course with meat for carnivorous animals.)

I just got a GSD puppy, who is now 4 1/2 months, and I'd like to try again. I tried the freeze-dried raw foods, and she loves it! I'm also giving it to my elderly cat. But, the packaged raw foods are just waaaaay too expensive to get all my animals on!

So, I'm hoping that someone can alleviate my fears about buying raw meat and bones from the local grocery store. I was told by the raw pet food company that they meat they use is better, and that the meat at the grocery store is polluted with bacteria and parasites, since it's going to be cooked anyway.

I see that a lot of people here are buying raw meat and bones from the grocery store. How do you ensure it's clean enough to feed raw? Or was my experience just a fluke?

Help! I'm confused!
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