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Panting for no reason?

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OK I'm getting a bit nervous here, I have a 6 month old female GSD that got a clean bill of health the last visit to the vet. My question is, she was laying on the floor chewing a rope and all of a sudden just started to pant really heavy? It didn't last long but she did it in her crate as well? I read that this could be heartworm but she was just tested 3 weeks ago. Please tell me something good.
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Did she ingest some of the rope? She may have it stuck in her throat. Is she drinking alot of water?
I don't think at her age advanced heartworm infestation would be possible, especially if she was recently tested.
No the rope is still intact, she's laying on the floor sleeping now and having puppy dreams lol. As for the water she always has drank a lot of water. I am going to call the vet again tomorrow just to ease my mind, it just struck me kind of odd to start panting for no reason.
I was worried about Zoe's non stop panting at one point and took her in for a urine and blood work up, but alas I was just being a crazy mom,lol Keep an eye on it for sure, but dogs pant for lots of reason's other than illness like stress, heat, or thirst.
That makes me fel a bit better but this isn't non stop, this was like she just sat up and started panting for say 10 or 15 seconds and then it stoped? I never had a dog do that? I'm anal so I will just take her to the vet.
You might want to feel the stomach, and see if it feels "full". Digestive upset (bloating and gas, not necessarily bloat) can cause this type of panting.
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