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Has annyone had any experience with panosteitis? A friend of mine is considering adopting a rescue GSD and she said other than the dog having a history of it he is great. She was told it was not a bog deal. They give the dog anti inflamatory and pain meds when it has occured in the past and it goes away with a week. I told her to be weary of it and research it a little more. The dog is 2 yrs old now. Any thoughts?
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I think there are lof of us that have dogs that has had pano. It's like growing pains in humans (simply put) and it will dissappear when the dog is done growing. And I think at 2 there should not be many more bouts of pano. Really no big deal, two of my dogs had it.
Just growing pains. But it can really scare you when the dog yells in pain and falls down - at least that is what I experienced. I switched to a lower protein food - Eagle Pak for large breed puppy. Was actually told by the company I could feed this formula for life time if I wanted to.
I'd check that out. I've read that pano usually is over around 14 months or so. If the dog is 2, it may have suffered some sort of injury.
I agree two years old is a bit old for Pano, IMHO.
Yes 2 is a little old for a dog to have pano, but it's not unheard of. But Jen is right...perhaps there is an underlying injury that is giving the dog discomfort.
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