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I just opened a new bottle of the "Move Free" (human grade, by Schiff) Glucosamine/Chondrotin that I've been giving my dogs for years.

It appears they've changed their formula. It no longer contains MSM. Now, it has Hyaluronic Acid (which I think it's had for a while), but it also has Chinese scullcap and black catechu.

Are these safe for dogs? Scullcap "appears" to be, but I'm going off what I could find via google searches.

The black catechu has less info out there. I found this page, about a product that contains it:

This is a canine product. But the product contains this disclaimer:

Not for use in pets taking daily medications for long-term, chronic pain and inflammation, such as Rimadyl, Etogesic, Adequan Canine or Cosequin. RegeniPET contains Protectin, an all-natural herbal extract that may exacerbate the side effects of those medications.

Protectin™ (Catechu and scullcap extracts), 25mg per scoop

Zamboni takes Rimadyl. She's never experienced any side effects from Rimadyl so far. I'd like to keep it that way.

So? Any thoughts? Advice?

Is this safe to give to Camper, who doesn't take Rimadyl?

Or, should I just toss the whole bottle?



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Just read about black catechu and I have no idea why they would put it in there. I would call and ask them directly. If they're adding herbs like that to their formulas then one would hope they have an herbalist on their staff...

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This isn't about theser herbs being safe for dogs, but, just something to think about... or not!

I gave my last senior GSD "Move Free." (I always got excited because the box had a flashing light on it LOL)

Chell eventually developed serious allergies and non-stop scratching. A veterinary pharmacist(I didn't know that there was such a thing) told me to stop the MoveFree, because the fillers that help shape and hold together the pill, can cause itching in some dogs. Chell was one of those dogs.
I stopped the MF and he stopped itching.

The other interesting thing he mentioned with the MoveFree is the molecular weight. The active ingredients (glucosamine and chrondritin) in this supplement are not at an optimal molecular weight for a dog's body to absorb them. This means, we pay for more medicine than the dog's body can take in. With the costly Cosequin (and it's more affordable stunt double, Drs FosterSmith Joint Care line) ALL of the medicine that we pay for gets absorbed. For a young animal, I probably wouldn't worry much and would use the MoveFree if the dog was not reacting to the fillers at all. But my GSD was 15, on Rimadyl, so every mg of supplement that he could absorb was critical for his joints.
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