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Pad Chewing

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Bianca has had a weird issue for the last week or so. I figured that it had to do with a flea I had found on her...(previously she was on Sentinel for HW and Flea prevention, but with fall came need for a more aggressive treatment so she got Advantix) But she had been chewing a little at her feet.

Well --Todayi stopped her and was looking at her pawpad and noticed that while she was in her crate she chewed about 1/2 the metatarsal pad OFF of her back foot. She's left the pink subcutaneous tissue there.

We went to the vet today for vaccines and I brought it up to him and he said it was probably just boredome chewing and gave me a yuck spray and antibiotic ointment for the area. Well...she likes the spray :crazy: So...atm I have a sock on her foot with vetwrap holdind it there.

Has anyone else dealt with this problem? If so how did you get her to stop? She doesn't do it unless she's in her crate...which she isn't in very often about 4 hours on Monday and Wednesday is it. I also take her for on a 1 hour walk prior to crating her and she has a frozen kong in there...ugh LOL!
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has she just started doing this? i read in online somewhere where dogs paws shed, and sometimes they will chew off the dead part on the paw to let the new part get tougher. im not sure if its whats going on here though or not.
My last GSD had allergies and did this till we got her on allergy medicine
Did the vet give you an e collar or cone to stop her from chewing???
He didn't give me the e-collar yet -- she has to have a huge size because of the length of her nose so we were hoping that the bitter apple spray and bandage would do the trick.

I was wondering if it may have to do with allergies, I asked him and he was really reluctant to blame that. My last GSD was on a novel protein diet because she had allergies.

We actually did just make a food change to Canidae ALS...just now fully transistioned after about a two week transistion. She was on Purina Pro Plan Lg Breed Puppy and her shedding was awful and stools were HUGE.
I would go ahead and get the collar and get it healing. If the spray didn't deter her then e collar her and get it healed up. Did you see me pics in my post about Jake biting his stitches? The cone is wearing is huge! Don't get the one like I have, it's a pain in the ***! But it is helping him heal with out the licking and biting.
Yeah I think I'll make a petco run when they open. They have a nice see through less crazy one up there that looks like it'll do the trick for her.

I changed her bandage just now and its already starting to look a bit better -- I think maybe it was an injury more than an allergy thing, after the intial reaction of "holy crap my dog's chewing her pad off" I remembered we'd had quite a lengthy hike about the day this started.

Sheesh...I'm becoming one of those over protective people!
I know, but they can do some serious damage to themselves chewing and licking a wound. I couldn't believe what Jake did in no time!

Careful with ointment on the foot, sometimes it attracts dirt....can you put a bag/sock on it for potty breaks etc to avoid the ointment grabbing up dirt?

Did they give her an oral antibiotic?
Yes we've got the foot vetwrapped and I use a sock when she goes out for potty breaks -- we're taking it easy for as long as I can convince her to. And yeah the damage they can do to themselves in such a short time is nuts!

And yes they gave me an oral to give twice a day with benadryl to keep her a little drowsy for the next two weeks.

This seems like a forboding preminition of spay sutures being chewed on. She'll be e-collar'd that entire time I'm sure!
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