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PA shelters & rescues - Animal Law Seminar

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I received this email from Petfinder. Rescues and shelters in PA may be interested in attending.
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Dear members,

We are proud to sponsor the Pennsylvania Bar Institute and their Fifth Annual Animal Law Seminar. The seminars will cover topics such as:

Serving on the Shelter or Rescue Board of Directors – Ethical Issues
Investigating and Prosecuting Animal Cruelty
Fundraising Regulations for Nonprofits
Legal Update – Animal Law Year in Review
Real Estate Issues and Pets
Hot Legal Issues for Shelters and Rescues

If you are involved in working with a shelter, an animal control agency or a rescue organization, you will want to attend!

So that they can reach everyone, the PBI has set up three locations across the state:

Mechanicsburg, PA on July 17
Pittsburgh, PA on August 20
Philadelphia, PA on August 27

Each event starts at 9:00 am and ends at 4:45 pm and is only $100 for animal welfare staff or volunteers.

TO REGISTER OR FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please contact PBI at 800-932-4637 or visit
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Several of us fro SASRA have attended this event in the past. There's always something that is less applicable, but it has been very interesting and this year you can choose between topics in the afternoon.

P.S. Can you tell a GSD person is behind the planning of this?
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