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Yesterday Ozzy went to his first ever photo shoot!

The shoot took about an hour, with lots of sit stays (with his body turned away from us, but looking over his shoulder back at us), down stays, and stand stays. He had impeccable focus and only broke his stay two or three times in the entire hour.

Lots of wardrobe changes, of course. The recruiter said he was the first dog to ever tip over when she was taking one of the items off! She said usually when she pulls, the dogs all pull back. Nope - he was so good, he tipped over and did a hand stand. LOL

He did FANTASTIC. The recruiters and photographer were all shocked that it was Ozzy's first ever photo shoot! They asked me if he went to the practice shoots and I told them I didn't even know there were practice shoots. They were ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHED.

Of course, being me, I had to tell my mom he did terrible when she walked in the door. :rofl: She walked in the house and asked how the shoot went, and I had a disappointed scowl on my face. I told her he didn't do anything he was supposed to, growled at the photographer, and peed on all the equipment. She was like :eek:
Then I told her, "Just kidding, he was perfect." :D

But like I said before, they were totally amazed it was his first shoot, especially since he'd had no practice in a professional environment with so many people. They said not to expect it to be his last. :happyboogie:

I'll post again and let you guys know when the photos go into print. :)
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