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Today we went to the park right by our house to play fetch again. He walked there off leash right next to me and everything! I gotta get more videos of him - I recorded him spinning on command! :D

When I went back to look at the videos to see which ones I was gonna keep, I said, "Sit!" in one, and Ozzy was standing next to me. He looked at the computer a little confused, but sat down promptly when I said it in the video. It was so funny! Ah, my little good boy. :)

Here you go. Enjoy! He sure did. :)

Tired already?! WE JUST GOT HERE!

Haha, that's one happy pupperz.

Crazy puppy!

Tired yet?



"Can I just have the ball?" :3

Here you go. :)

"Thanks, Mom!"

Puppy + Ball = Tired Puppy. :D

Or just one that really likes to play. :p

Hm. I'll go with the second one.

"Look out, here I come!"


"Almost done!"

"Come on, I wanna go inside! You take forever!"

Time for a dri-swim???

Thanks for looking!

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Ozzy is just too darn cute!! glad he enjoyed himself
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