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Owner Handled Point!!

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I took Camo in the Anderson SC shows over the weekend. On Sat. I was clueless on how to move him. It may look easy..... IT IS NOT!

Some wonderful people who have lots of experience, gave me advice and showed me what I was doing wrong. It was amazing what a difference a few tweaks can make. We practiced and practiced and on Sunday, when I went in, I felt confident. I was still nervous but made it through.

Camo took 1st in his class, Winners dog and best of opposite for a single point win!! I was sooooooo happy I litterally started crying but had to suck it up to go back in the ring! I will handle this dog from now on!
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Keep up the good work. it is more fun when you do it yourself!
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YAY Melissa!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you guys looked Great doing it!!!!!!!!!!
It was so much fun hanging out with you over the weekend!
Thanks Ya'll!!! It was awesome! It does feel better to do it yourself!

Catherine... same here! Cant wait till Greenville! <---- You guys did a great job too!
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