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Overly Protective

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Sheba is 26 months old. We rescued her at 7 months old. She immediately took a bonding to my 16 year old daughter.

When my daughter is home Sheba will not leave her, and barks everytime someone comes near her or her room. She sometimes is agressive and has snapped at those near her.

When my daughter is not around Sheba is very timid, but not aggressive in anyway.

I am not sure of her early history in detail, but do know that she came from a young lady who was in abusive relationship. I am sure that is where this behavior is coming from.

Recently we rescued RIEKEN, a 4 year old GSD. REIKEN is very well behaved. RIEKEN, Sheba and Bandit, our other 8 month old pup were introduced to each other at the shelter. They got along fine.

It was expected there may be some issues once REIKEN came home.

last night RIEKEN and Sheba got into it pretty rough. Sheba went after Rieken when he got near my daughter. is this normal socialization between dogs or something I should be overly concerned with? Rieken was clearly not the initiator.
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I would work in obedience with Sheba and your daughter, to teach Sheba that her is the one in charge, not the other way around. It's good to have a protective dog, what is no good is to let them decide in what situations decide that she can become aggressive, the humans, and your daughter is old enough to, should be the only ones allowed to make such decisions.

You have a few different things going on here. Adding new dogs into the equasion brings all issues into light because everyone starts trying to figure out where they rank. Sheba needs to understand that your daughter (as well as yourself and your wife) make the call as to who is accepted and what behavior is acceptable. The way you do that is by you and especially your daughter work with her and be a leader to her. I would have your daughter ,if she is at all willing to, walk her and do daily obedience work with her. Also, have your daughter practice NILF with her and get her out to socialize and get used to following your daughter's lead. The more Sheba feels she has to protect your daughter, the more worried she will become over everything and the more she will try to warn everything and everyone away from her.
It sounds like the dog is not so much being protective as 'possessive', as in your daughter is her 'high prize' item. I definatly recomend starting NILIF and making sure you daughter is capable of telling her what is & is not acceptable behaviour. Once Sheba trusts she doesn't have to make the decisions, she will become much more relaxed.
I think that is what I meant with this email. She is definitely very possesive with my daughter.

I have 20 years of experience and training with GSD ( Military Police K9) and have yet to come across one as bad this. Sheba is great with Bandit (in house since he was 12 weeks old, and in time sure she will be better with Reiken.

Thanks for the info
what is NILIF???
Originally Posted By: akgriffinwhat is NILIF???
Stands for a training method called Nothing in Life is Free. More info:
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