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...interested in hearing from owners of dogs who had this procedure.

First time poster here. We have a wonderful 5 month BC/GSD mix. She is a great dog and we love her to bits. However, we live in an apartment in NYC and are considering:

a) Having her fully spayed after her first or second heat.
b) A partial spay also known as as an OSS or ovary sparing spay.

I know this has been covered in previous posts. I am not really interested in re-starting a debate about to spay or not to spay. I have read the various posts here about OSS/partial spaying, however, I don't think I came across any posts from people who have actually had this procedure performed on their dog.

I like the idea of an OSS in theory, but am concerned about the healing time as the incision is longer and the dangers of stump pyometra.
I'd also like to hear of any unforeseen issues that have not been covered in the literature.

Thanks in advance for any help advice etc.

PS Here is a picture of our girl eating my shoe!


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Your pup is very cute! I have no experience with OSS so I can't offer any opinions. Generally, the recommendation is 18-24 months for GSDs so she'd probably have 2 or possibly more heats. If you'd rather not wait that long, after a year would be better than doing it sooner than that. We had Halo spayed at 13 months, the plan was to wait until Cava was 2 so I could have her OFA x-rays done at the same time. Several appointments got bumped, one because she went into heat 2 weeks before her scheduled surgery and a couple more due to Covid, so she was nearly 3 years old. Her heats were not a big deal though, she was very clean.
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