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Generally when puppies get like that it's a combination of excess energy and drive. They have to put their mouth you have to give them a place to do it. And you have to understand that at times like that they are just a little out of their mind. They don't really know what they are doing all they know is that they HAVE to DO. I honestly never pet my pups when they are like that...What I do is I take them out into the backyard. I bring several toys that they like- usually balls. And I walk around, ignoring the puppy and just kicking the toys. The moving toys give the puppy something to focus on and having several keeps me from getting mauled when they bring them back. Usually 5 minutes or so of sprinting after the toys takes the manic edge off and then we can have a civilized interaction.

It's a phase. With consistancy and age it gets better.

As far as the water. Tag was/is a barrier barker. Something about not being able to get to something he wants to get to in his crate or kennel gets him just NUTS.
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