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Our new addition

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This is the newest addition to the house hold.

Meet Diego. My 2 year old daughter named him for us lol :wild:

We had to drive four house there and back to get him but it was worth it. He is eight weeks old and settled in perfectly, he has not cried once and has been very brave. No accidents in the house so far and is eating well. I just wanted to show him off :p

He met our other dog Ruby this morning and for a bit last night and they both seem to get along fine.
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he's adorable!!! like the name!
Good looking pup!

I love that age... puppy fever starting! ;)

Good to hear everyone is getting along!
Aww he is so cute!! Love the name!!
Now that is just too cute! Welcome to the site and can't wait to see your baby grow!

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Very cute!
Diego is adorable :wub: Congrats!
Welcome to the site and he's adorable! Where did you get him?
Thank you he is so cute lol

We had our first accident today but he handled it well... my partner didn't (only cause she walked through it) meh she will live.

I cant believe how much different he is to our Ruby, hes wild and non stop where she was more kicked back. Its good fun lol.

We got him from a breeder in Singleton.
Awww... cute, fuzzy little puppers! Congrats on the new addition!
Soooo cute! Love the name, it was on my list when we got Max but hubby nixed it. That's ok Max is really short for Maximum Velocity which he lives up to everyday :wild:
I have a Diego too and my 3 yr old daughter named him as well - except he's a St Bernard mix! Your boy is so cute and fluffy!
nice looking pup. i'm glad the dogs are getting along.
Aw congrats ! What a cutie....................... :wub:
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