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I want to share my experience with other owners who might be in the same situation.

A good month ago our dog fell(presumably, no one saw it happen since it was at night) and lost all functionality in his hind right leg. He couldn't move it but he could still feel pain! I took him to the vet in the morning and he told me the dog slipped his disc and needed surgery. Since it was very expensive, surgery wasn't an option and I decided to give it time to heal.

For the first week I decided to make him rest. Since he could still push himself around with his good leg there was a chance he could hurt himself even more so I put him on a very short chain to minimize movement. I only let him on short walks for defecation, and even then I someone had to hold his leg still. In the second week I started to exercise his leg. I would move it in a circular motion in both directions for 30 second and stretch his leg, 3 times a day. I also put his leg in a band and helped him walk. With the help of the band I tried to simulate the natural movement of the leg and I noticed he needed less and less help every day until he was able to walk!

During the first 10 days the situation was not improving and I was concerned about putting him down... But exercising his leg soon yielded good results and now, after a good month, he's only limping a bit, can't reach his ear to scratch himself and has a bit of trouble turning around, but otherwise he's completely fine. He is going on walks, running, barking... just being a dog! And hopefully the situation will improve further.

Useful links:
- IVDD non-surgical treatment
- Intervertebral Disc Herniation or "slipped disc" Fact Sheet - Davies Veterinary Specialists

I hope this helps others in deciding what to do in a situation like this.

Have a nice day!
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