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Since we've had so much interest in raw diets in the last few weeks I thought it might be helpful, for those new to the idea, to see what the more experienced people do.

So - let's see the details. You can list all your dogs or just one or two. List the dogs age, current weight, activity level and then tell us what you are feeding. List the type of item (RMB, MM, OM, veggies, etc.), how much of each item (say whether you estimate or weigh everything) and any supplements (and why).

I'll start. This covers what they were eating last month. I weigh everything.

Riggs - 10 yr old neutered German Shepherd, 75 pounds, average activity level.
AM - 9 ounces RMBs, PM 8 ounces MM & 1 ounce OM
RMBs - chicken leg quarters/backs/necks, tilapia, pork rib tips, canned mackerel, turkey necks, pork necks, lamb necks
MM - beef heart, ground turkey, pork hearts, lamb trim
OM - liver, kidney
Misc - green tripe, eggs, oatmeal (if I forget to defrost something)
Supplements - Salmon oil (Omega 3s)
Limitations - None

Tazer - 8 yr old neutered Cocker Spaniel, 25 pounds, above average activity level (especially during coursing season)
AM - 5 ounces RBMs (day after coursing - 6.5 ounces)
PM - 5 ounces MM (day after coursing - 6 ounces) & .5 ounce OM
RMBs - same as Riggs but large items are chopped into smaller pieces
MM - beef and pork hearts 90% of the time (for the taurine - he's epileptic), lamb trim (especially after coursing days)
OM - liver (he doesn't like kidney)
Misc - green tripe, eggs
Supplements - Salmon oil (Omega 3s), multi-vitamin (because of his seizures)
Limitations - NO large amounts of grains (he can have treats)
Special Note - Tazer sometimes has trouble keeping weight on during coursing season - even when he's not running

Winnie - 8 yr old spayed Corgi mix, 25 pounds, average activity level
AM - 4.5 ounces RBMs
PM - 4 ounces MM & .5 ounce OM
RMBs - same as above but NO turkey necks and everything has to be chopped tiny (she's a gulper)
MM - Same as Riggs
OM - liver & kidney
Misc - green tripe, eggs, oatmeal
Supplements - Salmon oil (Omega 3s)
Limitations - none
Special Note - Winnie puts on weight just LOOKING at food so we monitor her very closely

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Zeus - 9 yr old neutered German Shepherd, 90 pounds, low activity level.
AM - 8 oz RMBs & 4 oz MM, 1/2 Banana, Tablespoon plain yogurt.
PM 8 oz RMBs & 4 oz MM, 1/2 can veggies
RMBs - chicken leg quarters/backs/necks, tilapia, canned mackerel,
MM - ground wild game (mixture of rabbit, venison, bear, ostrich, etc.)
Misc - eggs, cottage cheese (small amounts)
Supplements - Salmon oil (Omega 3s), vitamin C, vitamin E, Glucosamine (Grand Flex)
Veggies - No salt added canned green beans, carrots, peas, beats (to make him feel full, it's a constant battle keeping him lean).
Limitations - None

My 50 pound female pup Lowen is on the same plan but without the Grand Flex. Her amounts will be increasing soon (she is LEAN and high energy).

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Great idea!

Here's what mine are eating this month. Our menu changes every couple of months, always rotating in a new protein or two. The only consistent item that's usually on the list is chicken. It's just too cheap not to be a staple. I also weigh every meal.

Luca: 2 yr old neutered GSD, 100 lbs. average activity level. 13 oz. meals, twice a day. Luca tends to be pudgy, so his meal sizes have been gradually reduced from 17 oz. meals when he was a puppy.

Fanny: 1 yr. old spayed Cardigan Corgi, 29 lbs. average activity level. 5 oz. meals, twice a day. Fanny gulps, so bone-in stuff gets pre-chewed a bit with the meat cleaver.

• chicken leg quarters
• turkey necks
• duck necks
• ground lamb
• pork hearts
• chicken livers
• canned mackerel - 1 can a week split between the two dogs
• canned sardines - 1 can a week split between the two dogs
• 2-3 eggs per week (with all the necks lately, I haven't been giving the shells right now--usually they do get the shells)
• yogurt--bedtime snack (Luca 3 tablespoons, Fanny 1 tablespoon)

SUPPLEMENTS: these powders get mixed into their yogurt
Fanny 1/3 teaspoon total, Luca 1 teaspoon total
• brewers yeast
• Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM/Vit C - Luca only
• Veggie powder that includes powdered kelp, wheatgrass, barley grass, carrot, garlic.

TREATS: small quantities, couple of times a week.
frozen veggies, including sliced carrots, zuchinni, blueberries, strawberries, green beans.

Plus the occasional taste of whatever we're eating! And always the last lick of the ice cream bowl.

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I weigh everything.

Pancho is a 15 month old 70lb GSD, average activity level (daily walks and lots of fetch), no restrictions. 1 lb RMB in the morning and 10.6 oz MM, 1.8oz OM, and 3.6 oz RMB for dinner.

Cheyenne is 4.5y/o 35 lb mix., below average activity level (she's a lazy bum that doesn't play with toys, only enjoys her walks), she can't handle carbs at all (big time allergies). 6oz RMB for breakfast and .6 oz OM, 1.2oz RMB, and 4.2oz MM for dinner.

RMB-chicken backs, chicken quarters, turkey necks, pork neck bones

MM-beef heart, sardines, ground meat (turkey and beef), canned mackeral, tilapia

OM-beef liver and kidney, chicken liver

Other-yogurt and omega3 supplement daily and oysters, eggs and pig feet with eggs being most frequent

I know I'm forgetting a lot. That list is really short compared to other lists I've made!

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I feed 6 shelties (weights are from 22 - 27 lbs), and 1 growing GSD (15 months). All dogs are very active, and compete/train in agility and obedience.

RMB's are fed 4 - 5 mornings a week and consist of turkey necks. Shelties get 4 - 6 oz, and GSD gets 18 - 20 oz.

Meat meals are fed the remaining 9 - 10 meals a week and consist of ground meat (beef or turkey), sweet potato, beef heart, squash, eggs, ground veggies (romaine, celery, spinach). Shelties get 2 - 3 oz ground meat, 2 oz beef heart, 2 - 3 oz sweet potato, 1 TBS squash and veggies and eggs 3 times a week. The GSD gets 8-10 oz ground meat, 4 - 6 oz beef heart, 6 - 8 oz sweet potato,3 TBS veggies, 2 TBS squash, and an egg each day.
Extras - 1 - 2 times per week - beef liver, tripe, canned salmon, cooked tilapia or whiting filets, and I will occasionally add oysters, sardines or jack mackerel.
Supplements - daily - vit e (shelties vit e 100 iu, GSD 400 iu) oil (rotate between salmon oil, sardine oil, evening primrose or flax), and all get either Glyco Flex I or II (older ones get II).
Several times a week they get a green blend, a vitamin B complex, and antioxidant supplement and once a week they get a multi-vitamin/mineral.
I will feed kibble meals once or twice a week (rotate between proteins I don't normally feed, and will add canned food that is mostly meat).
I am sure I am forgetting something!

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Here's what I feed my 75 lb neutered male GSD, age estimated at 8, low activity level. Could probably stand to gain a couple pounds. Just started raw a couple weeks ago, so variety will increase gradually.

am: about 14 oz RMBs. Chicken backs are the staple, canned or whole frozen/thawed mackeral once a week or so.

pm: 8 oz of MM. Staples are ground beef and chicken hearts & lungs; he'll get chicken liver occasionally.

Other stuff:
- eggs once or twice a week
- veggie mush with the pm MM a few times a week. With the veggie mush, I mix yogurt, apple cider vinegar and cod liver oil.
- our leftover cooked eggs and meat... just as a treat.
- pig ears and chicken breast jerky are his other treats.

I can pretty much eyeball weights based on what it says on the package, but I 'spot check' sometimes. I do that with my own food, too! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/01_smile.gif

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Ris is a 45-lb spayed mutt and is pretty active. She gets 1-1.5 lbs of food a day fed in one meal.

Though she is currently being treated for SIBO (and thus her normal routine has been altered) I'll post what 'normal' was for her before she got sick.

When I bring the meat home, I divide it up into one meal portions to make it easier to serve later. Most of her portions are eyeballed but I generally weigh muscle meat and pork neck before I freeze it.

Chicken quarters, pork neck, pork ribs, chicken breast (bone-in), chicken drumsticks, chicken thighs, chicken wings, turkey quarters, turkey wings, turkey drumsticks, Cornish game hens.

Beef heart, ground turkey, ground beef, chicken breast, cannned Jack Mackeral, Tilapia (we'll be trying this soon), turkey gizzards, chicken heart, chicken gizzards, ground bison.

Beef liver, chicken liver, beef kidney.


Hot dogs, string cheese, Natural Balance Lamb and Rice roll, meat baby food, Zuke's Salmon Treats, carrots, ice cubes, apple, banana.

Most meals I don't need to alter in any way. But if she is having chicken quarters or drumsticks, I have to smash the ankle joint with a rubber mallet first. If I don't, I usually see it again on my carpet the next day.

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I am really looking forward to this thread! Thanks Lauri! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/18_thumb.gif

Hopefully within the next week or so, I'll be able to make my addition to it as well. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/05_biggrin.gif

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Chimo is roughly 83 pounds (good weight) and eats about 2 pounds of food per day. He only gets chicken maybe once a week so his RMB are right now pork necks and ribs and turkey necks, legs, and wings. He gets Mackerel once a week or Sardines 2-3 times a week. MM is ground turkey, beef heart, occasionally chicken if it is cheap enough and venison (I get a massive amount of venny during hunting season and package it to be used the rest of the year). He gets eggs 1-3 times a week and yogurt about the same.

The girls eat about 1.25 to 1.5 pounds a day range from 65-75 pounds and are active. They get the same as Chimo except they get chicken 2-4 times a week. Either backs or quarters or legs/thighs.

As my guys are getting older I am going to start adding mustard powder, ginger and raw garlic to their diet on a more regular basis. All three are anti-inflamatories.

The Huskies are both about 50 pounds and are normal active (for any dog not for Huskies). They each eat about a pound a day same stuff as the Sheps just smaller portions.

I also feed duck, rabbit and venison RMB throughout the year and anything else that we can find. Our day in and out staples are pork, turkey, venison and chicken.

Phoenix is currently on an alternate diet.

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This is a great thread! I'm a total newbie to this RAW biz...and it helps me get an idea of what to do in a 'real world' setting!

What is funny-is that I believe many of us are taking better care of our dogs' diets than we do our own!!!! Crazy!!

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I feed raw to my GSD Marley (15 months 75lbs intact male medium-high activity level) and my Cavalier Paris (2 1/2yrs 13lbs spayed female low-medium activity level) I don't weigh each individual thing, but thier meals as a whole. Both my dogs have ate raw since they same home (Marley 8 weeks, Paris 10 weeks)

eats just over 1 lbs per meal, as long as its in the 18-20 ounces area its fine, his natural build is long and narrow and he doesn't over eat, so its easy to keep him at his weight. Never more then 2 1/2lbs a day, eats AM & PM
RMBs - chicken leg quarters or whole chickens cut into pieces, duck cut into pieces and occasionally pheasant. gets a beef knuckle type bone at least once a week to chew on
MM - buffalo, deer, beef and pork (various cuts.. the first two I get free from relatives who hunt, so its what was left over from the year before or things they wont use) fish; canned salmon, mackeral and sardines and raw Alaskan pollok, trout, walleye and occasionally salmon (again the last three I get from my dad when he goes fishing and gets more then he needs)
OM - liver, and whatever comes attached to the birds he gets
Misc - pumpkin and rice added if upset tummy, canned food (use about 1 can per week ) just to add a little extra (I only use Natural Balance, Merrick and Natures Variety)
Supplements - Salmon oil & fish oil w/ omega 3, organic keifer a few times a week
Limitations - we tried goose and he said NO WAY, other then that hes ate everything we've tried.. where I'm at I can't get alot of the cool things that some people can like heart meat and decently priced lamb ect.. but I have found people are envious of my access to buffalo, deer and pheasant /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/06_cool.gif

Paris (just to give an idea to those people with small dogs) eats once a day in PM, never more then 4 ounces or she gets fat
RMBs - chicken necks, pork neck bones, cornish game hen, duck (small chunks cut from Marleys), beef ribs
MM - buffalo, deer, beef, pork, chicken hearts (if shes lucky!)
OM - liver.. and whatevers attached to her birds
Misc - tiny half spoon of canned if Marley is getting it. I will occasionally (ie once every 4-5 months) buy a bag of the Natures Variety Lamb or Rabbit and give it to her for some meals, since this actually has ground bone in it I feed it as a meal
Supplements - Salmon oil & fish oil w/ omega 3s, organic keifer a few times a week
Limitations - WILL NOT eat fish of any kind. or pheasant. Haven't found anything that gives her upset tummy tho.
If Paris gets a pork neck bone or a larger chicken neck the next/or previous meal is all meat to make up for the extra boney meal

I saw I forgot treats! Both get bully sticks, Paris always has one in her kennel, Marley gets one a week he will eat it all up. "crunchy treats" any of the quality kibble made treats: Wellness, Solid Gold, Natural Balance. Also any other crunchy treats I find that have good ingredients. Dehydrated chicken and duck breast strips (chicken for Marley, duck for Paris) Marley gets one and Paris 1/2 at bedtime. Dehydrated salmon treats are Marleys bait for show stacking. I use jerky treats (Solid Gold, Wellness and Real Meat Treats) for "gooood dog treats" (getting nails clipped, brushing hair and other "horrible" things) and of course peanut butter.. I buy a big jar of the cheapest stuff I can find for Kongs a few times a week.

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I forgot my guys all get organ meat 2-4 times a week which consists of chicken liver, beef liver & kidney and venison liver.

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All of my dogs eat the same things. I just adjust amounts depending on their weight. All are active in the winter and VERY active in the spring/summer/fall. I don't weigh foods. Just give a bit more to a dog that needs it and less (Vala thinks I am starving her right now) to a dog that is getting chunky.
Vala, 2.5 years, GSD, 68# training in SchH. VERY easy dog to keep weight on. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/10_eek.gif
Brazen, 19 months, GSD, 59#, training in SchH
Nike, almost 7 years, GSD, 68#, spayed, retired though she trains helpers.
Alexis, almost 4, GSD, 79#, spayed, active pet.

I feed chicken backs, leg quarters, split fryers or whole chickens when on sale. Whole turkeys, necks, thighs, wings, backs. Pork riblets (these can be boney or very meaty depending on the part being sold), neck. Veal neck and knuckle bones. Very rarely lamb (too expensive), venison, duck and rabbit. MM consists of beef or pork, beef heart or lamb's heart. Offal is almost always beef liver. My guys don't care for poultry offal unless partially frozen though will usually eat the hearts. Also either free ranging farm eggs or I spend the money on the eggland's best. Canned sardines or mackerel when I can get them and canned oysters at times. They all also feast on field mice and other things they can catch in the summer when I mow the fields. And they do share veggies with me a few times per week and maybe some other table scraps. Veggies will be cooked. Vala also loves fruit. I feed MM and offal in separate meals instead of having RMB, MM and offal, supplements, etc all fed in every meal.

Wednesday morning they all had chicken backs (little meat, soft bone, some offal, fat).

Dinner was 4 eggs, 6000 mg of salmon oils, vit-E, 1/2 can each oysters (a bit more going to Brazen and Vala), and approximately 1/2 # of ground beef (less to Vala).

Thursday breakfast and dinner will be pork riblets (described above).

Tomorrow maybe turkey and another MM/offal meal.

I have fed this way for 8 years and raised two litter and several other pups. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/01_smile.gif

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Oops, forgot that I also feed tripe on occasion.

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I have been feeding raw for going on 6 years now and for a variety of reasons feed my crew mainly ground meat/bone. In our area (MI) I have 3 main sources of a HUGE variety of meat/bones mixed (with or without) veggies, tripe, offals.
Typical meals are ground turkey necks, ground chicken frames, ground lamb/bones, ground beef/bones, ground duck/bones, ground pork/bones and some of these have offal mixed in and some do not. Also for muscle meat meals ground heart of both beef and lamb are available. Check out for Bravo distributors near where you live. I also have
a monthly delivery right to my door by Taylor Pond Farms and we have a group of us that coordinate a delivery about every month too from Natural Concepts in OH. These sources
all also have a wide sections of RMB, dog treats and more!
I try and vary the selection and so far all the dogs are thriving..Like Lisa ours get some leftover, some veggies, some fruit..we also use B-Naturals Immume Blend daily and salmon oil daily.

Unfortunately our oldest GSD's now has some health issues making home cooking a better option for her though until this developed she excelled on a raw diet. She ate about
1# and a little more a day and is a very easy keeper.

Navarre is 2.5 years old, VERY active, about 85 pounds and
was eating just over 2# a day but with agility season and
SchH season getting into full swing I wanted to get him a little leaner so he is getting just under 2# a day now and is fine with that...

We also have a little mixed breed that can put on weight looking at food and she gets 2-3 oz. twice a day...

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I do kibble and one RAW meal a day. Ozzy is about 100lbs and Sandi is 45lbs, she has not gained or lost weight for the last three or four years. Actually she has been around 45lbs within one or two her whole adult life, but the vet was amazed that for three years her weight has been exact lb and oz consistent.
My dogs get three cups of kibble in their bowl each day and most days they finish it.
Three days a week they get RMB, this can be beef bones, chicken bones etc.
Once a week they get fish, usually salmon or shrimp because it is cheap where I live.
Once a week we do organ meat, this is heart, once a month is liver, tongue, gizzard (I know it's not really an organ but it's gross so it gets lumped in there!)
Other than that it's round steaks, round roasts, Ozzy gets about a lb and Sandi half a lb. I'm a farm girl and I take a cleaver to the chickens and other fowl, just hack apart old fryer hens. Ground turkey and beef. Basically when we get a cattlebeast we give them anything we wouldn't eat, for instance a round roast, too tough, round steaks too tough, ground beef, too gross LOL, stewing beef, too cheap a cut of meat and so on.
On the weekend they gets a couple eggs while we have our breakfast. Sometimes a pancake if I'm making pancakes.
Ozzy loves raw veggies and will eat carrots, broccoli, usually whatever I am preparing, (dh and I eat 30% of our meals protein and starches, the remaining 70% is vegetables) Ozzy will eat. Including brussel sprouts!
They always get to lick our plates.
I supplement most meals with shark cartilage, yucca root and beta carotene. The dogs drink distilled water the same as we do, the tap water in this city is truly disgusting, besides it's so hard, every tap in our house with the exception of the outside ones is connected to the softener.
Where I have to give a pill or such I feed them canned Holistic Blend (brand name) their favorite is the vegan one with fruit and veggies. For treats they get seameal biscuits, although I did pick up some caribou bisquits recently from another canadian manufacturer. (Wheat Free! Thank Goodness!)
I don't feed pork, because I will not eat it. To me it is a dirty meat. Generally I don't even like it in my house, but dh does eat it and does enjoy it. That is the only instance the dogs are not permitted to lick the plate. But lots of others feed pork with great success.

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WOW this is a great thread.

Here is mine. Anika 11 month old female GSD (she will be 1 year old next month woo hoo!! ). She weigh about 55 LBS right now will be 75lbs at the ideal weight. I feed her 2 lbs a day. 1 lb in the morning and 1 lb at night. Her activity level is normal to active. Each meal is consist of 10oz RMB 5oz MM 1oz OM Plus supplements

RMB: Chicken leg quarters, back, necks, and wings (but rarely because they are pricey). Duck wings and duck heads. Rabbits.

MM: Beef Heart, Chicken Heart, Chicken Breast, Pig hearts, pork shoulders.

OM: Beef liver, chicken liver, chicken gizzard, duck gizzard, pork liver.

Supplements: Vitamin C 400iu per day, Salmon Oil 3 pumps a day, Daily Multi-Vitamin as a treat. Eggs 3-4 a week. K-9 Glucosamine 2 teaspoon each meal. Green tripe on occasion.

Please advice if anybody think there is something I can improve. I go to the market about once a month to buy everything. I put each of her meal in a sandwhich bag and freeze it and feed it to her frozen. I weigh each bag exactly 10oz RMB 5oz MM 1oz OM with my digital kitchen scale. I hope this help somebody /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/popcornSmiley.gif

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Am new to this but...mainly feeding a young fox terrier but also giving some to a young GSD and a couple days a week border collies. Costs keeps it at just the FT for now. I've been able to keep it under 70 cents shopping around but have limited freezer space. Can usually find meats 59cents to 79 cents a pound by looking mid week at the marked down meats section. From that -
typically chicken leg quarters; beef stew meat, ground beef/turkey; the other day there was some beef rib (although I think DH might hijack that!); salmon; mackrel (he didn't like that); sardines; chicken livers; gizzards. Finding a lot of tips of stuff to add on here. Sometimes rice or oatmeal (small amounts).
Still rely on kibble for the others and part timers. When we can get on some land to raise it they'll all be switched and will get beef, pork, poultry, rabbit, lamb, venison etc.

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Since this recall I have been struggling with food options for my 3 GSD's. I have a 6 year old female who has a big problem with eating raw, and my other two, 4 year old male has a big problem with gaining weight as does my other 5 year old female.

I desided to try dehydrated raw, so I looked into Honest Kitchen. My dogs love it, and their stools are firm. The package says to feed 2 1/2 cups a day. Now comes the other problem, The calories percup is 640!!!! I was feeding 2 cups of kibble before this (Nutro Lamb and RICE ) and my male still was NOT losing weight. No he is not hypothyroid,
but lots of snow here over the winter so hard for them to get the proper exercize.I am still feeding a good kibble also, So Fritz needs to ger approx 1100 calories a day and the girls get 944, just to maintain their weight.That would only amount to 1 cup of kibble at 463 calories and 12 cuo dehydrated at 320, and 1/2 cup meat at 172 calories.Which totals 955. I cannot feed Hilke poultry as two cannot tolerate it. So beef or venison, lamb,a small amount of turkey (not raw).

This seemd like it is not enough for them somehow ??? Anyone else figured out the caleries ??
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