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Our baby girl turns 1 today (lots of party pics)

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It's Shadow's 1st Birthday. :birthday:
We did most of her celebrating yesterday. Lots of prezzies and a small party.
Her favorite color is pink as you will notice. LOL

Shadow's presents

Her best friend Tux

I didn't know this was supposed to be a pool party!

Shadow trying out some new toys.

Shadow's special cup cakes. yum yum

Thanks mum and dad I had a great day!!!!
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Happy Birthday beautiful Shadow :birthday::happyboogie: She looks so adorable with her party hat! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last one :wub: Wow look how many pressies she got!!!!! :)
Happy Birthday pretty girl...gotta have PINK!
She is so spoilt. My youngest son insisted on buying her her own pink personalized bath towel. lol the lady at the shop thought it was really cute that he was being so particular about his color choices, when she asked what name to put on the towel the look on her face was priceless. "Oh, it's for a dog? A German shepherd dog?" "Yep, she will be 1 and she likes pink!". :)
We started her day at our house with her best friend Tux.
Then we went to the dog park to meet the love of her life Kujo (my nieces GSD) and to share more cake and prezzies.
Today is a day of rest! lol
Yay happy B-day Shadow! Looks like you threw a great party for her
Happy Birthday, Pretty Girl!!
very purdy :) happy BDAY
It looks like an awesome birthday party! Happy Birthday Shadow!!
Happy birthday Shadow. Here's wishing you many more happy ones.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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