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Sometimes it doesn't work out. And it's awful because of course we want it to work out. No good person wants to give up a dog. But sometimes good people have to.

If you simply do NOT have the resources to care for a dog who has issues, I don't believe there is any shame at all in asking a rescue organization to help you. Sometimes they can help in ways that don't require giving up the dog! Other times they can help find a home that is better suited to that dog's needs.

I have anxiety and depression issues as well. I also have fibromyalgia and CFS (yay). I'm really fortunate in that my dogs help me with my disabilities. I like to joke that I REQUIRE three therapy dogs and three therapy cats to function in the world, lol. My love for my pups gets me to move around even when it hurts. If it wasn't for them, some days, I wouldn't get out of bed. They reward me for exercising in a tangible and immediate way rather than that abstract idea that it is good for me, which doesn't motivate me when the pain is significant.

I have owned two dogs in my life who had severe issues. One of them I had to rehome. I must have cried for three weeks straight over that, but I believe I did the right thing for him. The other dog I worked with and we managed to accommodate one another over time. She was always very, very timid -- not my favorite kind of dog at all. But she tried mightily to manage her anxiety and I came to see her as a very brave dog. It took a long time, but eventually she got so she would greet visitors to our home with a grave paw shake. What a huge accomplishment for her! She lived with us for 12 years and had a good life and I miss her.

Don't make yourself sick. Ask for help. Don't give up easily, but if you have to rehome a dog, don't beat yourself up, just do right by the dog and know that sometimes it takes more than one try for any creature to find the right home.
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