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Does anyone else with dogs with behavioral problems feel like giving up?
Yes... Often.

My oldest female brings a lot of stress into my life, and she's not an enjoyable type dog. She is very very unstable mentally. I can't play with her out in the sun or she'll freak out.... I can't bring her to the beach, or play on the dock at the lake.... or the typical Sprinkler play time most dogs enjoy here in FL. She's no longer able to be around most other dogs. I can't take her to training to have fun or to show how truly talented and up she is in OB. Can't take her out during the day to play fetch. She doesn't cuddle, she doesn't settle down at all.... so forget having her laying next to you while you watch TV or any companionship. She's in her own world. She starts fights with our other female (who adores her!) and drives our male crazy. She doesn't ever just lay down and relax. She consistently runs around my house barking, hackles up, and crawling close to the ground petrified.... over nothing. She likes to "forget" (real or pretend.. no idea) what I told her 2 seconds before and will do things again and again.... like a tiny puppy would. Clueless is what comes to mind when I think of Zira.

Basically.... I can't enjoy dog ownership with her. She likes doing her own things, and all the fun stuff we could be doing.. we can't because of her "issues". I've had many trainers work with us, I've worked with her millions of times, I've had vets check over her. She's just mentally insane... literally. I feel bad, because she's often left out. Everything we do with her outside has to be during dusk and at night. She was a dog we rescued and were going to rehome... but decided that we couldn't trust anyone else with her health and mental issues. And there are many many days I just want to sit and cry and give up. But, then she still has so many happy moments, where she is just so bubbly and happy and full of life.... I just can't.

I feel it was fate for us to have her. Not many other would have gone through all of this and still have her around.
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