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Orwell, OH Megaesophagus Pup Needs Placement

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Ran across this & thought it needed posted or pup might end up in the shelter or PTS. :( Thought someone here might have experience with this or looking for a pup. Have heard of this before, but have know idea about it other than the dog can live long lives, just with some special care. :)
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Her mother is pictured above. This is a life threatening problem. She will need vet care and daily monitoring. She is 9 weeks old now and has had her first shots. This condition is serious. The person who takes this gorgeous pup will need to be aware of the problem and will take her as is. She is not to be taken to give to someone else. She needs to be with the right person who can care for her and keep her in a forever home. We do not want to put her down.
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incorrect link
That link worked earlier today. I copied the ad into a post so if it gets flagged for some reason, the contact info is here.
I was gonna post it here, but since ower is wanting to place asap, thought needed to go in urgent. I know not urgent like pound urgent, but still.

Anyway, I have heard of others that deal with this & have also heard of their dog living long lives so, not a death sentence.

Maybe MLR will chime in here. ;)

Been emailing the owner for pics of the pup & more info.
Owner emailed & said, vet tech was interested in her.
We have a few dogs with this and had no problem placing them with explicit directions and help.
Any further word on this pup? Also, any pictures available yet?
I just spoke with the breeder and the puppy is now safe and in a great home!
I have had the opportunity to place two "mega" puppies offered by a couple of fellow breeders. To date, both of these puppies are almost two years old and doing very well. The main issue is that the dog must eat from a dish that is elevated. Of course the adoptive family has to be fully informed as to the care of such a dog.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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