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Orijen or Canidae?

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Just in case my GSD gets bored of his present food, was wondering which kibble is better, Orijen or Canidae? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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well its kind of hard to say. imo, no kibble beats orijen's ingredients. in addition, they obtain all of their ingredients locally, their meat and eggs are fresh not frozen, delivered daily. all of their vegies are locally grown. there is not one other company that comes close to this.

on the other hand, it is hard to say how your dog will do on a rich grain free diet. not all dogs tolerate it well.
I raised my three girls on Canidae but found that every once in awhile they would go 'off feed' never noticed at the time but it seemed like once we struggled through the bag they were fine on the next. I was then told that if it's not stored properly it can go rancid quite quickly.
I switched them to this and that and I'm still trying to find the magic bullet. I just went through a bag of Orijien and it was a struggle to get them to eat it. I'm trying Taste of the wild at the moment but for all the BS I've gone through in the last 8 months I'm ready to give them some purina dog chow and walk away!!!
But in all seriousness, I think I'm going to go back to the Canidae, it was amazing the coats they had, clean clear eyes. and after all the battles I think I can handle the fussyness every once in awhile.
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I think Orijen is the best and definitely better than Canidae.

That said, I do like to rotate proteins and Orijen only has 2 so I think I will change to something else from time to time.
i like canidae's ingredients overall, but my girls poo was inconsistent. good on one bag, soft on the next. i think orijen has terrific ingredients as well. if cost is an issue, orijen could be $2/lb vs $1 or less/lb for canidae. whichever works for your dog.
"I think Orijen is the best and definitely better than Canidae"

could you please scientifically prove its better via some quantitative analysis before you start throwing around words like "best" and "better".
just having some fun. fwiw if i could afford it id probably be feeding orijen over my current food.
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I could send you a poop sample? How's that?
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After researching the food and the ingredients, finding some accessible to your area, and within your price range, it is time to buy a bag and see how your dogs like it. If they like it they will eat it, and likely do ok on it. If they do not like it you are dead in the water.

If they like it and it does not give you the results you are looking for, proper weight, firm stools, nice coat, try the next one. Keep track of the ingredients of the foods your dog did not do well on, so you can compare.

I like Canidae. But even after major research, and finding the best food for your dog, it may not be the best food for YOUR dog. So let the feeding trials commence.

Oh, and dog foods change over the years too, the companies change hands, the manufacturers try to cut corners.
"I could send you a poop sample"

lol. double bag it please!
Yes to manufacturers cutting corners and quality changing.. I can't feed Timberwolf anymore because the high quality fish oils have been switched to cheap chicken fat.. AND they raised the price! So, Grimm is currently on Orijen. He is doing okay on it. I am happy it is grain-free.
Orijen manufactures their own kibble Canidae does not. Orijen is grain free Canidae is not. You could go on and on
My vote is for Orijen but as has been said on this thread you have to try it for yourself.
Thank you guys so much for all the advise! really appreciate it. I bought a small bag of Orijen last week (they don't have canadae around here) and will see how it goes. By some of the comments I read, I guess going by poop samples will let me know if it's good for him or not! Lol.
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