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Optimum Protein Level for the PICKIEST EATER..HELP

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Hi everyone, I'm feeding my boy with wellness venison and rice formula. He is the most pickiest dog I've ever seen. But protein content is not less than 21%. Is this a low protein? He is 11 months. He doesn't like meat that I cook for him. Beef, liver chicken I tried everything. And he gets diarrhea very easily. How can I improve his protein intake? Is it good idea to supplement his diet with EVO grain free food? I''m really having hard time. Please help me. Thanks
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Re: Optimum Protein Level for the PICKIEST EATER..

Have you tried hard boiled eggs? Those are usually easy to digest. Canned fish like salmon or sardines might work too.

Do you know why he gets diarrhea? Rafi was having problems and I thought it was from certain proteins but then I realized it was high fat foods that were bothering him. Once I figured him out and switched him to a completely low fat diet his intestinal issues cleared up completely.

In my opinion 21% is a low protein. I like to see a minimum of 25% protein. Have you tried other kibble or is that the only he'll eat?
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