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Opinions on Merrick's BG (before grains) food?

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I saw a display for Merrick's new BG (before grains) line at the pet store yesterday and after reading the ingredients on the canned stuff and the cat kibble, I bought some canned buffalo and green tripe to add to Abby's normal diet, as well as a sample bag of the chicken flavored cat food to see whether my cats would eat it.

Is anyone currently feeding this brand, and if so, what do you think about it?
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I am feeding the BG to my infirmary cats (diabetic, hernia, asthma, low on the totem pole) and they like it. Only the hernia cat is finicky and normally won't eat chicken but she is eating the chicken kibble (but won't eat canned chicken).

Our other cats we feed SG Indigo Moon which they love. IMO the BG is so darned pricey! I mean is there anything more expensive? I can't justify the BG over IM except for the sickos who I try to pamper as much as possible.
Thanks for the head up on this food. We feed Merrick dry but didn't know about the new BG varieties. I'll keep my eyes open for it and if the price is right - try it!
Quote:IMO the BG is so darned pricey! I mean is there anything more expensive?
I don't know about expensive - I actually thought it was pretty average compared to most of the high-end foods.

The canned BG buffalo and BG tripe I got was $1.99 a can. I used to buy Tripett since our pet store where we lived previously carried that, and the beef variety was $2.10 and venison $2.60, so the BG is cheaper.
I am feeding BG dry chicken formula to my dog, she likes it and is doing well on it, so far! If you add a bit of warm water it makes a rather thick gravy..she seems to love it! Good small stools, no gas and happy to eat it.

I tried my kitty on the salmon formula (dry) for cats and he doesn't care for it. Which is odd, because he normally eats any dry food and loves Taste of the Wild feline formula.
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