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Patti, how solid is Grimm's "Leave it"? I mean, will he walk past a piece of juicy meat lying on the floor, even if he has to step over it?

My kid used to react to dogs when he was on a leash, but once he learned a rock solid Leave It (and I mean SOLID, as in Leave It means "Look away, better yet, look at Mom; don't continue to sniff, gaze or otherwise alert"), I was able to use that for dogs as well. Given that Grimm's issue is "I want to play" vs "I want to attack that dog" (or "I'm scared of that dog"), maybe this might help?

I know it sounds really too simple... But you've tried so many other tools and techniques, and heck, if you already have this tool in your toolbox, but maybe you just need to sharpen it up a bit (or a lot)...well, it's a pretty easy one to work on, especially in your house, back yard and on the street right in your neighborhood.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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