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I used obedience and lots of it. No special collars, books, behaviorists or special training methods. Just good old fashioned obedience. By the time I did her CD at 2 years a dog could have stood over her during the long down and she wouldn't have moved. She also had her SchH3 and CGC. Treue was truly dog aggressive and not just on lead. I never corrected her for aggression towards another dog. She was corrected for ignoring my command and rewarded lavishly for listening. I started out using the down since it is a very solid position. It is also very hard to rage at another dog and hold a solid down. When out for walks I avoided situations that might cause problems or I would stop, have her down, or sit with attention until the other dog past. I tried not to put her into a position that was beyond her current level of experience. She got into two fights in her life time and both were minor because she stopped when I yelled "down". The first time the other dog really didn't want to fight. The second time it made it possible for me to remove the second bitch without getting in the middle of two sets of snarling teeth.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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