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As many of you know I been having problems with Shane's aggression towards other dogs. His recall is also very bad when he see's another dog. I have physically go to him and bring him to me because he won't come when he see's another dog.

This morning, we were out back playing around, and then Shane all of sudden abandoned me (with the ball) and started heading for the front yard....barking like a mad dog. I knew instantly it was a neighbor walking their dog. Instead of going right away to get him, I deiceded to test the recall.

I stood there ...feet firmly planted....Shane barking, ...and I say .."SHANE, COME!" He stopped, looked at me...and came running towards me!!!!! I was so shocked he actually came to me that I didn't know what to do next! FINALLY..SOMETHING CLICKED INSIDE HIS HEAD! This is the first real progress I seen in a LONG time, I was about to give up hope and Shane-y surprised me ...I love that dog!
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Wow finally Shane listened to you, good job.

I know what you are going through I went through that with my last dog who we got as rescue over a year old. With Jesse as a puppy we have done everything we could do with socializing and doggy daycare so that I don't have any problems with him and other dog or people.

it's funny how they can be like that....luc is a consistent, gradual learner. teagan is the 'LA LA LA LA LA LA....boom!' learner where you think she's never going to get it and all of a sudden something clicks.

you must be so pleased! shane did a great job under distraction!

congrats on the progress !!
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Thanks guys! I really am proud of that knuckle head! I just hope we can keep it up. Honestly, you should have seen my face when he was running towards me. I had a brain fart, I'm like "oh wow, he is actually coming!" He can continue to surprise me like that any day!
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