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OMG - he looks like a different dog!

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Kodee Bear usually gets brushed/combed 2-4x per week, on average. He's coated, and is usually very shiny and gorgeous. Lately his coat has looked very dull, and just not pretty. This last month has been crazy around here, and I realized this a.m. that I hadn't brushed him in about 4 weeks!
(He's been shedding a lot more, of course, too). So today I tackled him with my grooming arsenal and after brushing a TON of loose hair out of him, and combing his ear fluff/feathering, etc, he looks like a different dog! Back to the shiny, gorgeous boy he was before! I was actually starting to worry about his health, as he was looking so drab. Stupid me didn't realize how much brushing makes a difference! I'm sure he must feel better, too.

That's the last time I let brushing him fall by the wayside. Poor baby needed to get his hair done! He is back to his handsome, studmuffin self.
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Yes, the brushing is known to help out the oils

I love brushing my dog, she always looks so good afterwards. I try to brush her every three to four days. She's such a good sport about it, too. She just stands there, and knows when we're done.
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Pics please! lol.
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