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Oliver and Rex

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My son Oliver and Rex! :hug:

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Awww this is so sweet it as if your son is saying "At a boy tell mom to take us to the park."
haha Rex is like "Arg me hearty's! i be a pirate!.... k kid.... remove the hand now please... that would be great thanks. and you! with the camera.... a little help here?"

cute picture.
So sweet. Nice signature line too.
that's awsome. :cool:
Haha Oliver is ADORABLE!! And Rex is very handsome. Looks like a good pair :)
I love his little bandana!!! :D
Super adorable picture!! Made me say "awwww".
Such a cute picture!! Rex looks like a very long suffering boy :)
sooooooo cute !
Very cute!! You can see in his eyes (or i guess eye lol) he's like " having hands in my face is not my favorite thing but I'll do anything for my boy!"
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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