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Older dog jealous of puppy?

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Here is my second question about Radar.... background: I have two older dogs. A yorkie-poo named Tiger and a Labrodoodle named Chester (both neutered). We got Chester when he was 1.5 years old and my kids have been doing rally and agility with him. He is sweet, obedient, very smart but also very laid back and sloooow at agility. He only took about 2 days to housebreak and he never has accidents.

Tiger is 9 years old and had bladder surgery last year for stones and is now having problems. He used to never ever have accidents in the house but now does occasionally. When he does have accidents the vet always finds blood, crystals and infection in his urine. W don't want to put him through surgery again so we are tring to manage it with medication and diet.

So, back to the question.... Someone has peed a gallon of pee in my dinning room the last couple of nights. I'm not sure which dog did it but I think it was Chester because it was soo much pee! Since he in the past has not had any accidents in the house could it be that it has to do with the new puppy? Jealously maybe?

I know I need to 1st rule out health problems, but do I need to re-establish leadership since we added a new dog? How would I do this?

Tiger is ok but a little grumpy with the new pup. Chester loves the pup and the pup loves him but I mostly keep them apart except for short periods of time because they immediately start playing rough and Chester could easily accidently hurt him. (He weighs 60lbs)

Here is a silly video of Haley trying to train Chester. Tiger is barking in the background!

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I would rule out all possibilities of it being a health related incident before saying he is jealous. Did you happen to notice if the puppy had been in the area before the older dog peed? He may have picked up on a small amount of pup scent and felt the need to mark it.
I didn't see Radar go in there but he's a fast little bugger even when I am watching him well! It's possible! Because of Tiger's bladder problem it could be him.... it's just a strange coindence it started happening as soon as we got the pup!
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