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OK he knows "come". . how to teach "stay nearby"?

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Cash has gotten very very good with his recalls. So good in fact that this last weekend I took him out to my parents' ranch which is basically 110 acres of doggie heaven. There's nothing he can get into because the cows and horses were put up in a pen.

I was very proud of him because when I let him off his leash he'd come zooming back whenever I'd call him. He'd sit for his treat and then zoom off again. The problem is he'd zoom off out of my sight to investigate something and I'd have to call him back again. What's a good way to teach something like a "stay nearby" or "stay where I can see you" command so I don't have to be constantly calling him back?

I never had to teach this behavior to Rocky; he seems to have it hard-wired into his brain.
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Have you found a good set of dog classes? They can help with this for a 'close' command. Of just saying 'slow'. But the training of this is the part that class is great for. Because of the built in distraction factor and the instant feedback from a good instructor.
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